Single.Earth is in the early phase of its activities and we are gradually rolling out our business in accordance with applicable laws and our business strategy. Our activities need to follow certain regulatory restrictions (e.g. regulations on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing), limitations by the external service providers (e.g. payment services), and our own business choices (e.g. the countries/regions that we prioritise, or the ecosystems we are able to assess).

Based on the information above it may well happen that we are not able to provide you services. Every client of Single.Earth must go through an initial onboarding process before entering into a business relationship with us. And as our business relationship will be ongoing, we may request you to update your information or to provide further information at any time.

As a result of our assessment, we may come to a conclusion that we are not able to provide you services or may need to terminate our agreement with you. For example, some of the reasons for your application being rejected based on regulatory requirements may include:

  • We are not providing services to persons in your country;

  • You are not responding to our requests for further information;

  • There is a mismatch/inconsistency in the provided information and no reasonable explanation is provided;

  • the associated risk level is not acceptable for us;

In case your application was rejected you will receive a notification email with a general explanation. If you have any questions, please do contact us.

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