At Single.Earth we will ask you to provide us with certain documents during your land onboarding process, as well as later on if needed, in accordance with the landowner agreement we will share with you , our quality requirements, and our scientific white paper.

We need this information in order to correctly onboard your land, and to make sure that we are creating a positive impact in nature. Single.Earth's idea of a nature-backed economy aims to empower landowners to earn money through nature conservation.

Your onboarding process as a landowner will start with some simple questions so that we can provide you with a better onboarding experience, as well as the opportunity to start adding your land with geo mapping files (eg. kmz and kml). Whenever you are ready, you can start the verification process. For more information on that please visit our verification documents guide.

After you go through our verification, you will be asked to provide us with more information about your land in our land due diligence process.

In order to have a better experience we recommend that you prepare the following documents in advance:

  • Land title deed;

  • Visual map information from your country's registry;

  • State cadastral registry excerpt;

  • Land management plan (if applicable);

  • Agreement for the exploration of land (if applicable);

After you go through the onboarding process we will review the provided information and get in touch with you if we have any additional questions.

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