EPISODE #1: Technology: The Destroyer or Saviour of Earth?
Single.Earth uses technologies like satellite data, machine learning, and blockchain to turn nature into digital goods and build a platform to save the world. Yet many technologies can harm nature, like bitcoin - the most known blockchain implementation - uses energy as a large industrial country. This begs the question: how can we use technology like blockchain for good of the nature?

EPISODE #2: Is All Crypto Evil?
Is all crypto evil? We’ve all heard about the high power use of Bitcoin, how crypto is used on the black market for illicit substances, and the money-making scams. But can it be used as an agent for bringing about positive change?

EPISODE #3: Cutting Down The Last Forests?
What is the state of the forests in northern Europe? Are we cutting down the last remaining forests to heat houses or is there a way to protect more forests?

EPISODE #4: NFT Boom: A Fad or Tool For The Environment?
We are dismantling the trendy topic of NFTs with Sander Gansen from Supplain.io and NFT Tallinn, and Single.Earth CTO Andrus Aaslaid.

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