Preferred File Types for GDU (Geo Data Upload)

  • .SHP (Shapefile)
    Submit required file extensions (at least the .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj) in a .zip file (zipped file)

  • .CSV
    (Comma Separated Value): Submit data separated by commas, with each column surrounded by quotes. Header row and spatial attributes (latitude & longitude coordinates) are required.

Important to Note:

  • We don’t accept JPG, PNG, PDF, Geodatabase, AutoCAD file, MrSID, or MapInfo TAB. Most software has an option to convert to SHP or CSV so you can export into an accepted format.

  • File size limit: 100MB


Please provide clean geometry with:

  • No Dangling lines

  • No Undershoots

  • No Overlapping lines or nearly overlapping lines

  • No Polylines for polygonal features such as political boundaries or parcels

  • No Overlapping polygons

  • Features with the same name or containing the same feature are represented by a single polygon rather than multiple polygons.

  • We accept Inner loops/donuts

    • E.g., to exclude lakes or rivers from a forest

    • Polygons should have correct windings, and they must not self-intersect

    • Our preferred order is clockwise for both internal and external polygons

See here how to get a compatible KML file from Estonian Land Registry.

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