Single.Earth aims to protect nature by making carbon removal and biodiversity tradable. Using science, finance, and education we empower people to become custodians of the natural world and make a real impact by mitigating climate change.

To enable this, Single.Earth has created a digital twin of Earth, which combines satellite data, big data analysis, and machine learning. Single.Earth integrates nature's ability to capture carbon and provide ecosystem services into the economic system. Through this, nature is given value in the form of a tradable digital asset.

Individuals, landowners, and businesses all have the chance to contribute to climate action and nature conservation.

🌿 Individuals fund nature protection with Merit tokens, which can be used for trading, payments, and as a contribution to achieving environmental goals.

🌿 Landowners receive money for protecting and increasing the carbon capture and biodiversity of their land.

🌿 Businesses contribute towards their climate and environmental goals and finance landowners’ protection efforts.

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